WR62 to N VSAT Adapter


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WR62 to N VSAT Adapter

WR62 to N VSAT Adapter brand new right angle. The WR62 flange is flat and the Type N connector is female. WR-62 waveguide to coax adapter is also known as a WR-62 waveguide transition. This waveguide to coax adapter / transition is constructed as a WR-62 to N type connector and has a female gender.

Our WR62 to type N female waveguide adapter transition has a right angle design and has a square cover flange. Right angle WR-62 to type N waveguide to coaxial cable transition / adapter has a minimum frequency of 12.4 GHz and a maximum frequency of 18 GHz.

WR62 to Type N VSAT Adapter

We currently have a large stock of the WR62 to Type N Adapter. The current list price of a single adapter is $189

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