Powerex PRX 143-224-004-BB IGBT Module



Powerex PRX 143-224-004-BB IGBT Module


IGBT power modules are needed to convert electricity from one form to another so that the electricity can be more conveniently and safely used by all the digital devices that make up our modern lives.

Power modules become hot due to the heat loss in the conversion process and in some cases the losses are as great as 5%. For instance, in an electric vehicle the losses may be as high as 10-15% which in turn impacts the range and performance of the vehicle.

An IGBT is a is power semiconductor die and is the short form of insulated-gate bipolar transistor.

An IGBT power module is the assembly and physical packaging of several IGBT power semiconductor dies in one package. The dies are normally connected in a selected electrical configuration such as half-bridge, 3-level, dual, chopper, booster, etc.

An IGBT power module functions as a switch and can be used to switch electrical power on and off extremely fast and with high energy efficiency.

The IGBT power module is becoming the preferred device for high power applications due to its ability to enhance switching, temperature, weight and cost performance.



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