Wavestream Matchbox BUC Power Cable


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Wavestream Matchbox BUC Power Cable is a brand new cable some are still in the manufacturer’s bag. These cables provide DC voltage and M&C connection in the same cable. 32-pin Bayonet-style Circular Connector

According to the label these cables were manufactured by Delta Group Electronics for TracStar as part of their COTM project that was cancelled.

We have attached a manual for the Matchbox BUCs on Page 17 the connections are shown for DC Power and for the M&C connections. The manual is specific for BUCs of 8W to 40W, if you have a different BUC we advise contacting Wavestream for specific instructions.

Improperly wired power connectors could damage the BUC.




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Wavestream 8w to 40w BUC Manual