Evertz 7801 L-Band Fiber Communication System



Evertz 7801 L-Band Fiber Communication System is a brand new package that consists of a 19″ rack-mount frame containing a transmit and receive controller card. In addition there are two remote optical links, one will receive the signal from the mainframe and the second unit transmits an L-Band signal back to the mainframe.

The amazing fact is that the L-Band signal can be transmitted or received over a distance of up to 5KM, but distance is not the only reason to go with fiber, transmission losses are minimal, and also glass is not subject to lightning strikes in the same way that copper cables are.

Evertz 7801 L-Band Fiber Communication System

This chassis has dual power supplies for redundancy, and the extra slots to add extra transmit and receive controller cards.

The remote transmission controller is the Evertz 2407LT, the remote receive controller is Evertz 2406LR , both these remote units (pucks) require 18VDC power.

The 7708LT is a fiber optic transmitter for RF signals in the extended L-Band or wider frequency range. It accepts a single RF input on coaxial cable and provides a single output for optical transmission. An RF monitor output provides a convenient means of obtaining peak satellite signal strength, or additional signal distribution.

The 7708LRA/7708LR–H are VistaLINK®–capable fiber optic receivers for extended L–Band and other signals. They accept a fiber optic input from a companion transmitter and provide an electrical output signal. Monitoring and control of card status is provided locally at the card edge and remotely via VistaLINK®. SmartMON™ capability allows in–band monitoring data sent by a companion SmartMON™–enabled transmitter to be displayed locally or via SNMP/VistaLINK®.

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