Wolf KU-Band Broadcast Trailer



Wolf KU-Band Broadcast Trailer

We are 95% complete refurbishing this Wolf KU-Band Broadcast Trailer in spite of that it is fully functional today.

Starting at the top (literally) is a 1.8M GDSatcom KU-Band Auto-Acquisition antenna system with an RC3000 antenna controller. The frequency range of the antenna is 10.95 to 14.50 GHz.

2- MCL MT3200 400 Watt TWT Amplifiers in excellent condition
1- EDH-4 Dehydrator
1- Wohler RM 4290W 2-HD Monitors
1- Wohler AMP 1A Audio Monitor
1- Vertex RSI 3000 Auto Satellite Locator/Controller
1- Vertex 1.8m Carbon fiber satellite antenna
1- Tandberg E5780 HD Encoder
1- Advantech AMT-75 70 Mhz and L-band Modulator
2- Miteq U9696-3 KU-Band Up Converter
1- Kohler 7.5HP Diesel Generator
1- GTI Single Phase Isolation Transformer
1- Direct TV Receiver
1- Kingdome Directv auto locator antenna
1- Duo-Therm Dometic 13,500 BTU Low Profile Air Conditioner
1- Tektronix 1705A Spectrum Analyzer
1- Sony Trinitron TV
3- 75 foot Shore Power Cables with Camlocks

If the buyer wishes to use an L-Band modulator, we will replace the 70 MHz up converters with L-Band to KU-Band Converters at no additional cost.

Another change yet be completed is that swap of the Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer for an Agilent E4401B Spectrum Analyzer.

We made a short video and a long video, first is the short one


Next a longer and more detailed view of the entire trailer