Vertex 7200 Antenna Controller


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Vertex 7200 Antenna Controller is a used controller tested and ready for resale. It is offered with a 60 day warranty.

Vertex 7200 antenna controller

The model 7200 ACU, S/N: VC2558, P/N: 800236, was tested at the controls facility 1-16-2003.  It had Firmware version V3.27.21 – standard configuration.

The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies (GDST) Model 7200 Antenna Control System is a state-of-the-art automatic positioning system which incorporates advanced control modes and an enhanced menu-driven user interface to provide accurate antenna positioning with minimum operator effort.

Fully automatic tracking of inclined orbit satellites is accomplished with the revolutionary GDST Orbit Prediction Track (OPT) algorithm, which generates future AZ and EL pointing data by propagating a physically valid orbit through initial measured data to the time of interest.

This type of ephemeris prediction offers increased efficiency and accuracy over methods
which merely use measured data in a curve fitting routine to predict a trajectory.