CPR137 24″ Twist Flex Waveguide



Twist Flex Waveguide Andrew CPR137

24″ Andrew WR137 Twist Flex Waveguide is still in the manufacturers wrapping.

Andrew WR137 Twist Flex Waveguide

Although we name it as an Andrew product we cannot be certain as the identification has worn off the package. The other most likely manufacturer is AMC (Advanced Microwave Components)

In addition we have several used pieces of 36″ Andrew WR137 Twist Flex Waveguide for $175

SizeWR 137
Frequency5.85-8.20 GHz
CW Power in Watts MCK/MSB5000
CW Power in Watts MTP2000
PEAK Power in Kilowatts500
Insertion Loss ** MCKS0.05
Insertion Loss ** MTPS0.07
Insertion Loss ** MSBS0.05
Insertion Loss ** MSDS0.05