SeaTel 4006 Marine Antenna System



SeaTel 4006 Marine Antenna System has been fully refurbished, tested and guaranteed in excellent working condition. This antenna has many more years of useful life ahead.

In addition to the 8 Watt Codan BUC, it has the complete SeaTel controller and a quad LNB for the times when the vessel moves between the satellite downlink frequencies.

The 4006RZA Antenna is a 1-meter Ku-Band maritime VSAT antenna for SCPC, broadband, or hybrid networks. 4006RZA utilizes the same radome and antenna as the 4003. This antenna system meets the FCC’s 2-degree spacing requirement, which is a remarkable achievement for a 1-meter ring-focus antenna.

The antenna efficiency is better than 70% across the transmit and receive bands and is ideal for ocean going vessels that require “always-on” broadband satellite communications. The 4006RZA is suitable for file and image transfer, video conferencing, e-mail, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and database backup.

The Sea Tel 06 Series utilizes the DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit. The DAC 2202 is a
19” rack mount unit (1.75” tall) featuring: (3) RS-232/422 Serial Ports; (1) full function M&C and (2) NMEA ports for heading, GPS input and modem compatible, reformatted GPS output; (1) Ethernet port allowing (2) full-function TCP/IP M&C ports; (1) multi-user HTML interface port for setting all DAC parameters and viewing the current DAC status; (1) UDP download port for updating software in the Comm Interface.

SeaTel 4006 Data Sheet