Nissan NV-200 Ku Uplink Truck



Nissan NV-200 Ku Uplink Truck was manufactured in 2015 but in the last four years has remained virtually unused. We know that because it has only 5373 miles on the odometer. (In addition it has been stored inside, ensuring that the body remains in pristine condition.)

This 2015 Nissan NV-200 Ku Uplink Truck. consists of the following:

1.2m Advantech Auto point Antenna
Advantech 50W KU-Band BUC
Self Contained Power Generation from onboard secondary alternator.
Equipped as Mobile VSAT
Wifi  Repeater, Cell Repeater and Video streaming.
200 Amp Accessory Alternator ( 2 )
Deep Cell Battery
Avcom RSA Spectrum Analyzer
Dell Monitor
Windows 7 Computer
WiFi Radio, 2.4 / 5.8
Go  Power 3000W Inverter
Internal Transfer Switch,
Shore Power/ Generator/Internal
Teradeck Encoder
Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Drone

The Wi-Fi system is capable of binding with Drone for remote D/R service.25′ Mast and Antennas included. Chassis has 5400 miles, newly serviced and PA inspected. Will include Typhoon H Drone w/4K camera , encoder and Handi-Cam system for remote streaming up to 500′ from the van.


iPoint Antenna Controller Manual