Superior Electric SS700 Stepping Motor



Superior Electric SS700 Stepping Motor

Superior Electric SS700 Stepping Motor model SS700-2003 slo-syn 120V 72 RPM is a used stepping motor 700 torque. The SLO-SYN motor is unique in that it has the capability of being operated as an AC synchronous, constant speed motor or as a phase switched DC stepper motor. In either case, it is classified as a permanent magnet induction motor. SLO-SYN motor operating from AC power is an extremely effective method of obtaining precise motion control. Operation simply involves connecting the SLOSYN motor to the AC power line, incorporating a phase shifting network consisting of a resistor/capacitor or just a capacitor, and using a three-position switch “forward”, “off” and “reverse” control. The phase shifting network provides the capacitive reactance necessary to produce a 90° phase shift between the two windings.

The user must build the circuit shown on page 125 of the manual to provide a 90 degree phase shift to leg 1 / 3. The motor will not start without this. The values of the Resistor and Capacitor are shown on page 115 under SS700.

Superior Electric SS700 Stepping Motor

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