TracStar P900 KU-Band Fly-Away Antenna

$16,500.00 $14,750.00


TracStar P900 KU-Band Fly-Away Antenna

KU-Band Fly-Away Antenna is manufactured by TracStar/Cobham. It is new and contains all of the components required for a non-satellite engineer to find and lock onto the satellite within a few minutes.

The KU-Band Fly-Away Antenna reflector measures 90cm, it is packed in two rugged shipping cases that allow for easy transportation by van, truck or plane. It can be moved quickly and easily to a trouble spot or to transmit video from remote locations where there is no other form of communication.

Case 1 (33 * 22 * 17 inches 47lbs)

  • Antenna base with GPS and Compass
  • Feed support Arm
  • Vertex Feed
  • Reflector
  • 36 Inch twist flex wave guide

Case 2 (34 * 24 * 20 inches 97lbs)

  • Heavy duty Tripod base
  • Blue TracStar Controller
  • Hand-held Controller
  • Feed support arms

Assembly time 15 minutes, satellite acquisition 10 ten minutes.

Cobham SATCOM Advanced VSAT Operations Guide v4.1

TracStar 900P5 Data Sheet