AQYR Typhoon 1M Antenna



AQYR Typhoon 1M Antenna is an auto acquisition satellite terminal. We have just received it and initial tests show that it is in good working condition. The antenna includes a 7-watt transceiver with full frequency range of 13.75 to 14GHz.

The DRU17F16XSE is a Ku-Band VSAT transceiver designed for global applications. Here are some key features of this compact and fully integrated transceiver:

  • Output Power: It offers 7 watts of extended Ku-Band power.
  • Dual Polarization: The DRU17F16XSE supports dual polarization, enhancing flexibility.
  • VSAT Interface: It interfaces with common VSAT modems, making it compatible with various systems.
  • Compact Design: The transceiver is designed for ease of deployment and efficient use.

We went to the manufacturers site to get the following details.

The AQYR Typhoon antenna is a rapidly deployable satellite communication terminal designed for various applications. Leveraging technology developed and deployed since 2007 with elite military Special Operation Forces, the Typhoon offers the following features:

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Reflector: The Typhoon features a lightweight carbon fiber reflector, making it portable and easy to transport.
  • Auto Positioner: Its patented auto positioner ensures quick and accurate satellite acquisition.
  • Compact Integrated RF Components: The Typhoon integrates essential RF components for seamless communication.

Whether for military operations, emergency response, or other critical scenarios, the AQYR Typhoon antenna provides reliable connectivity in a compact form factor.

Wait there is still more. This system comes with a Knight Sky package that includes an IDirect modem plus a router.

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