1999 Ford E-350 News Van SNG



1999 Ford E-350 News Van SNG this is a newly retired news van with only 157 thousand miles on the meter. There are still many more miles om this Ford for future work.

Vehicle Features
Ford 1999 E-350, 157,599 miles
Two 120V 30 A Power Inlets
40 Foot Mast, satellite dish has been removed
Frontline Control System
AM/FM Stereo with USB/Iphone connection
A/C and Heat fully functioning
Power Windows
Power Side Mirrors
Backup Horn (may need repair, works intermittently)
Connections for RV Generator
External connections for BNC to Patch Bay
Multiple AC Power Outlets 

Studio Equipment

Leitch FR-654AV VDA
Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP
Grass Valley VDA
QTY 2 Videotek VDA
Soundcraft Spirit Folio Rac Pac Mixer 16 ch
Behringer EQ
Fostex Speaker
Tektronix Vectorscope and Waveform Monitor
QTY 4 Patch Bays (Trompeter and ADC)
Panasonic MX-50 Mixer
QTY 2 Sony 13″ CRT Monitors (color)
QTY 4 Sony 5″ CRT Monitors (B&W)
QTY 3 Sony 8″ CRT Monitors (color)
Roof Camera with rackmount CCU (may need repair)
Sony DVCAM/Mini DV Deck
HDMI 4 ch. Matrix Switcher
QTY 3 Rackmount Power Strips
Grass Valley TEN XL switch
Tektronix TSG200 Signal Generator
QTY 2 phones
QBeam Spotlight

 If you have read down to here I have a better offer for you, Separately the two items will cost $26,575 and that’s a good price, but we can offer you a combination price of $23,000 for the truck and the Vertex 1.8M Antenna