Vertex 9M KU-Band Wideband 4 Port Earth Station Antenna



Vertex 9M KU-Band Wideband 4 Port Earth Station Antenna with the frequency range of 10.95 to 14.5 GHz has already been taken down and is ready to ship.

I need to start with the bad points, well actually there is only one bad point. At some time past in 2000, before the antenna was installed the reflector panels sat in the rain and left marks on the paint. (If you want a cosmetically perfect antenna you will need to paint the reflector.)

Antenna Has been loaded and secured into 40 ft. Sea Container for domestic shipping. FOB. Phoenix, Arizona.

Now to the good points:

* We are asking half the price of a new Vertex Antenna
* Ready to ship immediately
* It was in perfect operation until March 2020
* Installed in Nevada, hot and dry climate, no corrosion
* Two MCL 400W TWTAs
* Vertex 7200 Antenna Controller
* Vertex 253 Tracking Receiver
* Maxtech 1:2 LNA Controller
* Maxtech 1:2 LNA Plate
* Vertex 7150 Outdoor Control Box
* Fully maintained by the past owners
* Work Platform with ladder.
* Hub Cover Kit 2 Pieces.
* Cross Access wave-guide kit.
* TX/RX Hub Installation Kit
* Hub Lighting Kit
* Hub Fan Kit
* Hub Tech and Utility Power
* Reflector Angle Gauge
* Lightning Rod
* Pad Cable Tower
* Original As Built Drawings Included

As you can see in the photographs, the antenna has been taken apart and placed in a storage container. This container is suitable for shipping within the US, Canada and Central America but is not rated for International shipping overseas customers will have to reload into shipping company containers. We can do this for you at additional cost.

The price of this antenna new from GDSatcom Vertex is approximately $220,000, our price is half the manufacture’s price and shipping is immediate.

                     Vertex 9M KU-Band 4 Port Earth Station Antenna


Vertex-7200-ACU Data Sheet

Vertex 9.3m KU-Band Antenna Datasheet

Vertex 253-tracking-receiver Manual

Vertex 7200_7150 Manual