GDSatcom 1189 QD Antenna System



** This is the final antenna of this type in stock and it is not complete. We offer it for a low price for anybody wishing to use the reflector and some parts**


GDSatcom 1189 QD Antenna is featured as a Tri-Band antenna by GDSatcom. The antennas that we have taken delivery of have only a KU-Feed. The other frequency feeds will be available brand new from GDSatcom or one of their major distributors.

Assembly Observations

Two of us with no experience with this antenna, and no assembly instructions tackled the assembly blind, so to speak.

Each antenna is packed in three cases, and so we pulled out three different size cases at random and laid the contents on the ground. It was fairly intuitive we could see where everything would go, but what we didn’t know was the order in which to assemble it.

Big mistake, we assembled the two piece reflector and mounted it to the support frame and then tried to attach both parts to the king post. Hurt back and sore fingers we did it. Then we realized that the feed support was missing.  We decided that we needed to open all boxes to find the feed support.

We pulled out all of the boxes and quickly found the feed support – and an assembly manual.

In all, it had taken two us well over an hour to assemble it, and not the 15 minutes promised by the datasheet. That was before we found the assembly manual and found out that we did it all wrong. I dont know that we will break 15 minutes next time but I’m sure that we will have the antenna assembled and on the air in less than 30 minutes.

Manufacturer’s Description
The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies lightweight 1.8-meter Quick Deploy antennas are designed for worldwide transmit and receive operation in C, X, Ku and Ka-band. These portable antennas consist of Precision Compression Molded reflectors and a compact aluminum pedestal. This results in a durable antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under wind loading conditions.

The unique shape and the accurate reflector surface provide good sidelobe and cross-polarization performance. The antenna system is a Series 1189 and the reflector consists of a two-segment SMC compression molded assembly. Repeat-ability is maintained with precision registration of the reflector segments and the feed support structure.
The 1.8-meter antenna, including the feed, is packaged in three portable cases.

„ Precision compression molded offset reflector
„ Compact aluminum pedestal
„ Transport cases included
„ Two-person assembly in less than 15 minutes
„ Captive hardware/fasteners
„ No tools required
„ Quick adjust positioner
„ Intelsat approval (C and Ku-band)



GDsatcom1189QD Data Sheet