Andrew 4.6M KU-Band Antenna



Andrew 4.6M KU-Band Antenna is a used KU-band antenna still standing in Miami available for on-site inspection.

Andrew 4.6M KU-Band Antenna is a high quality non-motorized transmit/receive antenna system. This antenna is considered one of the best in its class, A typical 4.6M antenna will out-perform antennas that are 1 meter larger, in part due to its Gregorian dual reflector design.

The antenna is still standing in our teleport in South Florida and offers the new owner a chance to inspect it while in working operation. Please note that the price does not include take-down and packing. We can offer those services for an additional cost.

This is a non-motorized four port antenna in very good condition. There is some minor corrosion on the king post that the owner will fix when the antenna is sold.

Use the following shipping Information.

Typical Net Weight Typical Shipping Weight (P, MP Types)  1690 lb. (767 kg)
Typical Shipping Weight 3739 lb. (1721 kg)
Typical Shipping Volume Shipping Container  690 ft³ (19.5 m³)

Andrew 4.6M Datasheet