Vertex 6.3m C-Band Non-motorized Receive only Antenna



Vertex 6.3m C-Band Non-motorized Receive-only Antenna

Vertex 6.3M C-Band 2 port Receive-only non motorized Antenna – we have been offered seven of these antennas. Manufactured in 2006 they are still like new, but best of all, the asking price is half the price of a new one.

here are the details taken from from the attached invoice.

6.3 KX – 6.3 meter Compact Cassegrain Antenna
* Extended C-Band 2 port, Linear Polarized l20V Deiced Feed, RX only
* 2 RX (3.4 – 4.2 GHz)
* Kingpost Pedestal – Galvanized
* Jack screws in Azimuth (200 degrees in two segments) and Elevation (0 degrees-90 degrees)
* Reflector – white diffusive painted Aluminum panels
* Lightning arresting rods

This is a non motorized antenna with manual adjustment for Elevation, Azimuth and Polarization. It has full de-ice for the reflector and sub-reflector. The antenna features a 1:2 LNA/LNB receive package. Extended C-Band Circular or Linear Feed.


Vertex 6.3 Installation Manual 500-0563