Prodelin 3.8M C-Band Antenna



Prodelin 3.8M C-Band Antenna – there are two available. This type of antenna is normally shipped with a pole mount, but both of our antennas have the more expensive and rugged kingpost support.

The two Prodelin 3.8M C-Band Antenna are both RX only as shown in the photographs but we will provide TX/RX CP feeds at no extra cost, this will give you two feeds with the antenna.

Here are a few paragraphs from the datasheet available in the downloads section.

The General Dynamics new series 1385 ~ 3.8m antenna has been designed to provide a reliable, long-life and trouble free antenna solution for demanding applications in the primary VSAT communications bands. Enhancements to this antenna design have improved the structural stability and surface tolerances of the reflector, offering growth potential for reliable communications up to Ka-band.





Prodelin 1385 3.8M Datasheet

Prodelin 1385 3.8M Manual