Andrew 7.3M C-Band Antenna



Andrew 7.3M 4 port C-Band Antenna has an outdoor control box that has been disabled and control is handled by three paddle switches that handle the three axis control functions.

We tested the antenna control to verify that the paddle controls work and that the motors are functional.

Here is what the manufacturer says of their Andrew 7.3M C-Band Antenna

The superior performance of the ASC Signal 7.3 meter earth station antenna makes it an excellent choice for high density data, voice, communications networks and broadcast applications.

The uniquely formed dual reflector Gregorian system and close-tolerance manufacturing techniques provide an extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain and
closely controlled pattern characteristics. The 7.3 meter 2 or 4-port C-band INTELSAT® Type Approved antennas speed system deployment. Minimal testing and decreased administrative and approval requirements translate directly to cost savings.



Andrew 7.3m ESA