Andrew 7.3M C-Band Earth Station Antenna



Andrew 7.3M C-Band Earth Station Antenna is still standing at its original location in South Florida. Prospective buyers are welcome to visit the site and inspect the antenna before making a commitment.

This antenna is a four port linear polarized TX/RX antenna.

Antenna attitude control is handled by the control wheels on the Azimuth and Elevation jacks.

The quoted price does not include take-down or packing costs, we welcome buyers with their own insured personnel who may wish to do the work. Alternatively we can provide a crew to  do the work at an additional cost.

Here is what the manufacturer says of their Andrew 7.3M C-Band Antenna

The superior performance of the ASC Signal 7.3 meter earth station antenna makes it an excellent choice for high density data, voice, communications networks and broadcast applications.

The uniquely formed dual reflector Gregorian system and close-tolerance manufacturing techniques provide an extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain and
closely controlled pattern characteristics. The 7.3 meter 2 or 4-port C-band INTELSAT® Type Approved antennas speed system deployment. Minimal testing and decreased administrative and approval requirements translate directly to cost savings.