Andrew 4.6M C-Band Antenna



Andrew 4.6M C-Band Antenna is a high quality non-motorized transmit/receive antenna system. This antenna is considered one of the best in its class, A typical 4.6M antenna will out-perform antennas that are 1 meter larger, in part due to its Gregorian dual reflector design.

This is a 2 port linear polarized antenna.

The antenna is still standing in our teleport in South Florida and offers the new owner a chance to inspect it while in working operation. Please note that the price does not include take-down and packing. We can offer those services for an additional cost.

Teleports and VSAT hubs can bring their systems on line faster, more economically, and with superior performance with Andrew 4.6-meter Earth Station Antenna (ESA). In use around the world in high-density data, voice, communications networks, and broadcast applications, the Andrew 4.6-meter ESA features uniquely formed dual reflector Gregorian system coupled with close-tolerance manufacturing techniques. This combination provides extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain, superior efficiency, and closely controlled pattern characteristics.

Our wide selection of type-approved antennas speeds system commissioning. The Andrew 4.6 Type Approved ESA can be deployed in the field with minimal testing of G/T to become fully certified as an INTELSAT standard E-2, or F-1 station.

The 2-port C-Band Circular R/T feed system is manually field switchable from circular to linear polarization. The 48 inch (1219 mm) diameter by 24 inch (610 mm) equipment enclosure with doors allows hub mounting of LNA systems.




Andrew 4.6M Datasheet