Dielectric Dehydrator 3200 Waveguide



Dielectric Dehydrator

Dielectric Dehydrator model 3200 is a large wheeled model designed for high volume output where the waveguide runs are a larger cross section such as CPR 159 and with long runs from end to end.

These dehydrators have not been in service for several years and will probably need the desiccant replacement kit.

Waveguide Dielectric Dehydrator

All major components are easily accessible to facilitate maintenance and repair procedures.

Electrical controls utilize solid state components; (purge timer, humidistat).
Oil-less 100 PSIG compressor allows extended life to unit as it operates only @ 60 psig.

DRY-PAK twin-tow er heat less dryer. Dew points below -40 deg F (-40 C). Efficient, internal check-ball valving, purge con trolled by two-way solenoid valves.

Humidity bypass automatically vents wet air before it enters the storage tank in the event of a humidity alarm.

Adjustable system pressure allows for altitude compensation to assure peak efficiency at any elevation.

Compressor isolation provides vibration free operation and extends service life.

Large ASME dry air storage tank reduces compressor cycling for improved component life.

Dielectric 2400-3200 Datasheet