Xicom XT400C 400 Watt C-Band TWTA



Xicom XT-400C 400 Watt C-Band TWTA

400 Watt C-Band TWTA is manufactured by Xicom it is a used outdoor mount TWTA. Upon refurbishing and testing the condition of the tube is outstanding. It was tested showing 346 Watts at the flange with a helix current of only 2.5 mA.

Based on these conditions we expect many more years of excellent service from what we believe to be bullet proof products from Xicom.

A short excerpt from the datasheet:

The XTD-400 is a compact self contained antenna mountable power amplifier designed
for low cost installation and long life. The XTD-400 design eliminates the need for an amplifier shelter as well as a long waveguide run between the amplifier and the antenna feed horn. RF filters, cooling, and monitoring & control (M&C) systems are all self contained within the High Power Amplifier (HPA). These features provide high reliability, low maintenance costs, and low replacement costs.

XTD-400C_X_K REV 3

Xicom XTC-400C Test Results