Xicom XT-400K 400 Watt KU-Band TWTA



Xicom XT-400K 400 Watt KU-Band TWTA

400 Watt KU-Band TWTA has just been found in long term storage, we believe that it has not been used for ten years.

As a result of the amplifiers age we took additional care with refurbishing and testing. We were pleased to note the excellent results from our tests.

The frequency range of the TWTA is 13.75 to 14.5 GHz, the maximum power measured at the flange.is 355 watts with the Helix current measured at 1.6mA

This is how the Xicom datasheet describes the product. 

The XT-400 incorporates high efficiency, dual-stage collector TWTs. Some of the benefits
of this type of TWT are: reduced prime power consumption, lower internal operating temperatures, and reliability enhancement. These benefits are obtained for both the linear and saturated modes of operation.

One of the features of the XT-400 is incorporation of power factor correction circuity that minimizes line current distortion and reduces the required volt-amps. The combination of
power factor correction and high efficiency TWTs reduces input Volt-Amps by 45% when
compared to equivalent amplifiers. A high frequency resonant conversion power supply is
used that accepts a wide range of prime power (100 to 260 VAC). The automatic features of
the power supply include quick recovery from prime power outages and multiple helix fault
resets (three fault cycles).


XT-400K Data Sheet

Xicom XT-400K Test Results