Vertex RSC-1200 1:2 Redundant System Controller



Vertex RSC-1200 1:2 Redundant System Controller is a used controller with the ability to monitor and control LNAs and LNBs, but more it can monitor external alarm signal for SSPA or BUCs. When an unit failure is detected the controller will signal a baseball switch to make the change to an alternate device.


Redundant systems increase system availability by including spares for critical units (e.g., LNAs, LNBs, BUCs or SSPAs) in the signal path. In the case of a detected unit failure, the redundant system automatically switches to the spare. A 1:2 redundant system supports two active units and one spare unit.

The Vertex RSC-1200 Redundant System Controller can directly power most LNA or LNB units and monitor the output voltages and currents to detect faults. The controller can also monitor external alarm input signals, such as from a SSPA or BUC, or monitor a combination of output currents and external alarm inputs. Upon detecting a unit failure, the controller can automatically drive a waveguide switch to activate the spare unit.

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Vertex RSC-1200 Datasheet