Baytech DS2-RPC data switch/power control



Baytech DS2-RPC data switch/power control

Unit is a BayTech DS2-RPC data switch / power control with DS74 I/O Module & DS62 Network Interface Module..

Manufactures specifications:
-Four power receptacles
-Turn on, turn off or reboot any and all receptacles
-Two expansion slots for a DS Series host and peripheral modules
-User level receptacle access
-Access via telnet, local RS-232 or dial-up
-Control or access up to 4 RS-232 devices from a single IP

Function: The DS2-RPC remote power switch and console access server lets the user turn on, turn off or reboot equipment connected to its four receptacles from a remote location or local terminal. It also provides console access to any device attached to its four-port RS-232 I/O module. The unit contains four individual relay-controlled AC power receptacles that are controlled by sending a short character string (command) to the RS-232 control port on the host module.

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