Mitec 215560 48V BUC Power Supply



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Mitec 215560 48V BUC Power Supply is designed to provide sufficient power for the larger BUCs that operate using DC Voltage. A separate listing for the Mitec 40W C-Band BUC is a perfect example of that type of BUC.

This unit is an Out Door Unit and judging by the cosmetics it has been used outdoor at an installation for some time. In spite of the appearance it works well. It accepts a wide range of AC voltage and it converts to 48VDC and outputs it mixed with the incoming L-Band frequency over a type N connector.

With this device you can take a modem or modulator that does not have the necessary 48VDC power output and feed the signal to the Mitec that will be mixed with the DC power to complete the BUCs needs.


Mitec 48VDC ODU Power Supply Manual

I have to say thank you to Mitec for providing this manual.

In many other ways as well, they offer excellent support for their products.

Phil Thomas