MCL MT4000 700W KU-Band TWTA – A



MCL MT4000 700W KU-Band TWTA is one of two exceptional TWTAs that we have received for testing. In order to separate them I am going to label this one as amplifier A, with another inventory listing for the amplifier B.

What makes this amplifier so remarkable is that it has very low operational hours on the clock,  excellent Helix current at full power and the fact that the amplifier hits 700 watts before saturation.

The maximum power output shows 728W with a Helix of 1.9mA and only 12321 hours on the clock.

We lost our beloved Agilent Power Meter last week, and so to measure the MCL MT4000 power output we had to use the front panel power display – and we always distrust those results. Not to worry though because we have a replacement power meter on the way.

Update we received a replacement Power Meter and ran a full set of tests, a copy may be viewed on our other tab.

MCL MT4000 Datasheet

Test Results MT4000 S/N 1830389