Mitec 25W KU-Band BUC – Used



Mitec 25W KU-Band BUC Model WTX-14014544-70-ES-35 25 Watt KU-Band BUC is a used BUC that has been in service on an outside broadcast van. The frequency range is 14 to 14.5GHz.

We have put it through the full series of tests and it has performed perfectly hitting 32 watts of P1dB power across the frequency range. The full tests details of this Mitec 25W KU-Band BUC are shown in the downloads tab.

Here are two excerpts from Mitecs datasheet describing the Mitec 25W KU-Band BUC.

Mitec’s products have more than a quarter century of proven field experience, demonstrating their unmatched dependability and reliability day after day. This level of dependability can be found in our line of high power block up-converters. Uniquely designed to be a high quality but cost effective solution for the VSAT market, this line of high power BUCs sets the standard for the
satellite industry.

The Mitec series of high power BUCs are designed for use primarily in VSAT applications.
Other frequency ranges are also available to customer specification.
These units include an L-band up-converter powered by 24 VDC along with L-Band input and
10 MHz reference all in one cable. There is also a high power booster with AC or DC supply
and a customizable Monitor and Control interface.



Mitec 25W KU BUC SN R000170B09031002