CPI VZU-6997AC 700W KU-Band TWTA


CPI VZU-6997AC 700W KU-Band TWTA – There are two of these amplifiers of different ages, we have labeled them A & B.

VZU-6997AC-A Sn SC0132E1 .4mA at rest and 2.4mA at 668W Heater hours 79,971

VZU-6997AC-B Sn 1491 beam on hours15,476 Heater hours 29,238 2.3mA at 640W

We have priced the -A at $15,445 and the second amplifier with lower hours at $16,667

In either case we have tested them across the frequency range of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz and foundĀ  both to be in perfect condition.

VZU6997-Installation & Operation Manual