Amkom 10W DBS BUC


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Amkom 10W DBS BUC has a dual LO system making it compatible with all DBS output frequencies.

The “AMDB” series is a DBS-Band BUC with dual L.O. covering 17.3 – 18.1 GHz & 18.1 to 18.4 GHz frequencies. It is not only the world’s smallest and most efficient feed-horn mountable BUC, but it is filled with state of the architecture,

Weighing under 4lbs and handling output power of up to 10W Psat. We’ve hand picked world’s most efficient components to build the most advanced architecture in DC and GaN amplification circuits with total protection.

DC voltage is provided via the IFL or via the MS connector.

We’ve chosen an absolute and “No Corner Cutting” concept in our design. Each unit is vigorously tested at our California facility according to our ATP (acceptance testing procedure).

• Ruggedized Design
• Extreme Stability, Reliability and Performance
• Multiple Layers of Protection
• Highly Customizeable
• Extreme GaN Linearity and Efficiency
• Sealed waveguide output
• Field Replaceable IP69K Rated Fans
• Fully Assembled, and Rigorously Tested in the USA
• 3 Year Warranty


Amkom 10W DBS Datasheet