CPI VZU-6992 200W KU-Band TWTA



CPI VZU6992 200W KU-Band TWTA is a used but fully tested satellite earth station amplifier.

Although we stock an equal number of CPI and MCL TWTA amplifiers, we like CPI because we can easily find their operating hours. this amplifier has very low hours, they are in the low thirteen thousand range.

Even more important when we test any TWTA we look carefully at the helix current to ensure that it is within the range specified by the manufacturer. When a tube is transmitting and the helix current is high then we know that the tube is worn and has a limited life span.

The helix current of this amplifier is low at all three test points, this coupled with the low hours makes this an excellent amplifier.

CPI VZU6992 200W KU-Band TWTA

The VZU range of amplifiers are compact and reliable. Provides 200 watts of power in a 3 rack unit package, digital ready, for wideband, single- and multi-carrier satellite service in the 13.75-14.5 GHz frequency band. Ideal for transportable and fixed earth station applications where space and prime power are at a premium.


Test Results – CPI 200W EKU SN SA0279G1