CPI VZC-6967 AB 700W C-Band TWTA


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CPI VZC-6967 AB is a 700 watt C-Band TWTA. It has many years of operation, but our tests show that it is currently working extremely well.

We are offering the amplifier for sale or for rental. This TWTA will be a perfect fill-in while waiting for the manufacturer to deliver a new amplifier and in that case it would make sense to rent the amplifier.

This is what CPI say about the amplifier on their datasheet.


CPI VZC-6967 AB provides 750 watts of power in a 5 rack unit package, digital ready, for wideband, single- and multi-carrier satellite service in the 6.425 to 7.100 GHz frequency band. Ideal for transportable and fi xed earth station applications where space and prime power are at a premium.


Employs a high effi ciency dual-depressed collector helix traveling wave tube backed by many years of fi eld-proven experience in airborne and military applications.

Simple to Operate

User-friendly microprocessor-controlled
logic with integrated computer interface,
digital metering, pin diode attenuation and optional integrated linearizer for improved intermod

CPI Data Sheet

VZC 6967 AB    S/N SC0306G1

Startup display says 600/700 Watt System.


FREQ           5.85         6.175          6.405        6.650
WATTS        600          601              621            620
HELIX          3.7ma     4.3ma         6.0ma       6.1ma

Heater hours 091810
Beam on hours 091901