Comtech EFData 250W C-Band BUC

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Comtech EFData 250W C-Band BUC

C-Band BUC from Comtech EFData is an LPC0-16 called a 250 watt C-band BUC. The measurement of 250W is Psat, but the useable output is 200 watt in standard C-Band.

From its appearance and test results it appears to be in top working condition and excellent cosmetic condition. We can say that it has never been mounted outside on an antenna.

Here is a short excerpt from the data sheet, that you can download in full on the downloads section.

Comtech EF Data is pleased to announce the introduction of the LPOD family of Block Up
Converters (BUCs). Our extensive experience in the design of outdoor RF transceivers led to
the LPOD family’s efficient thermal and mechanical package.

Recognizing the evolution of L-Band IF systems, the LPOD is designed to eliminate the
traditional requirement for the satellite modem to supply a DC power source and a 10 MHz
reference to the BUCs and LNBs. The LPOD’s optional internal reference and LNB bias T greatly simplify multi-carrier operation and provide cost-effective redundant solutions.

These advanced features coupled with family’s efficient packaging provide the optimum solution for today’s advanced L-band terminals. The compact size and weight of the LPOD lends itself to any installation with limited available mounting space. These include ship-borne antenna systems, small “fly-away” systems, and Satellite News Gathering (SNG) installations.

Comtech EFData LPOD manual

LPOD Product Bulletin

200W C Band BUC SN 161909052