Xicom XT-100C C-band TWTA


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XT-100C C-band TWTA

XT-100C C-band TWTA is quite an old outdoor TWTA that we have just discovered in storage for at least ten years. Our first priority was to give it a complete evaluation, replace some aged parts and finally run it through a complete test cycle.

Following its refurbishing it runs as good as new with an output of 132 watts at the flange and a Helix current of 4 mA.

A few points copied from the Xicom data sheet.

• No Shelter Required
• Short Waveguide Run
• Low Cost Installation
• Power Factor Corrected
• High Efficiency Dual-Stage TWTs

power supply is used that accepts a wide range of prime power (100 to 260 VAC.)
A remote external controller is available to operate the amplifier from a user selected location. The XT-100 may be configured for single-thread, redundant, or phase-combined.


XT-100 Data Sheet
Xicom XT-100C Test Results

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