Comtech LPC0-279 50W C-Band Used BUC



Comtech LPC0-279 50W C-Band BUC This BUC was used at a teleport in Florida. It was part of a 1:1 system. The primary BUC was faulty and not offered for sale. This BUC was probably the stand-by amplifier with less operating time. We checked it completely and offer the full test results in the downloads tab below.

It comes with a power cable, and will work with AC power from 110v to 220V. We tested it at 220V using the output of a CDM-570L modem as the input source.It does not use DC voltage nor does it require the external 10MHz reference.

The output was linear up to over 50W P1db


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Comtech LPC0-279-Test-Results