Anasat 100KU-EL 100W KU-Band BUC


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Anacom Anasat 100KU-EL 100W KU-Band BUC is a 100 Watt KU Band BUC, model number 32049, and also has a frequency range 13.75 to 14.5 GHz. Of the two we have available one use new and is also in perfect condition. The second BUC shows signs of prior use but has been tested and is working perfectly.

Anasat 100KU-EL 100W KU-Band BUC

The rugged build of this Anacom 100w KU Band BUC will also allow for continuous outdoor use. If you need a reliable HPA for SCPC, MCPC and DAMA applications this BUC will be ideal for the task.

The single enclosure contains the L-Band to KU-Band up-converter, the SSPA amplifier, monitor and control and the units power supply. The only items required are L-Band signal cable and an M&C cable.

Anasat 100KU-EL 100W KU-Band BUC Specifications

1 dB COMPRESSION POINT (dBm)39424343.64445464747.849505153
TX GAIN65686969.67071727373.875767779
TX GAIN RANGE20 dB variable in 0.1 dB steps via M&C
TX LEVEL FLATNESS6 dBp-p max / 500 MHz
TX INPUT IF FREQUENCYKu = 950 to 1450 MHz EKu = 950 to 1450 MHz SEKu = 950 to 1,700 MHz
TX INPUT IF IMPEDANCE50 ohms (75 ohms optional)
TX INPUT IF LEVEL-25 dBm for rated output with nominal gain
TX L.O.Ku = 13.050 GHz Eku = 12.800 GHz SEKu = 12.800 GHz
TX OUTPUT FREQUENCYKu = 14.0 to 14.50 GHz Eku = 13.75 to 14.25 GHz SEKu = 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
TX PHASE NOISE-60 dBc/Hz max @ 100Hz -70 dBc/Hz max @ 1KHz -80 dBc/Hz max @ 10KHz -90 dBc/Hz max @ 100KHz -100 dBc/Hz max @ 1KHz
INTERMOD-33 dBc max (2 carriers, each 9dB backoff from P1dB rating)
SPURIOUS-55 dBc max out of band

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