Proxim Manuals

Data Sheets for Proxim Wireless Products

Proxim Wireless Corporation provides Wi-Fi, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint 4G wireless network technologies for wireless internet, video surveillance and backhaul applications. The ORiNOCO and Tsunami product lines are sold to service providers, governments and enterprises with over 2.5 million devices shipped to over 250,000 customers in over 90 countries worldwide. Proxim is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Proxim products have been deployed by our customers at the end point of a satellite network to expand the range of satellite connectivity, and although we do not stock their products, we have collected a few of the Proxim data sheets and Power Point presentations.

Proxim Portfolio
Proxim Wireless Product Comparison
Proxim Wireless Product Comparison PT.2
Proxim Wireless Product Comparison PT.3
Proxim Wireless Product Comparison PT.4
Tsunami MP.11 Model 2454-R and 5054-R
TeraMax P2P
Tsunami MP.11 Antenna Installation Guide
Tsunami MP.11 Model 2454-R and 5054-R Tecnical Specs.
Tsunami QuickBridge.11 Model 2454-R and 5054-R
Network Diagram
Tsunami QuickBridge.11 Model 2454-R and Model 5054-R