AVL Manuals

Manuals and data sheets for AVL (Cobham) Portable Antenna Systems.

In addition to the hundreds of hard copy manuals that we have in stock, when we find manufacturers data sheets and manuals on-line, we add them to our website. We make no attempt to verify if they are the the latest version and we recommend checking with the manufacturer for the updated versions. This information is for our client’s convenience and it is free to download.

1060K 1.0 M Auto-Acquisition Antenna
1248 1.2M Ku/Ka Band Auto-Acquisition Antenna
1278 KFD VSAT 1.2 Meter Motorized Antenna
2460-2020 Quad band Portable Antenna
750K iMoVSAT Motorized Vehicle Antenna

9066K Auto-Acquisition Case Based Antenna
1268 1.2M Ku/Ka Band Portable Antenna
1278KFD Mobile VSAT 1.2 Antenna
1278K-09 VSAT 1.2M Motorized Vehicle Mount
RotoLok Antenna Positioners