Actox Manual

Data sheets for Actox Satellite Equipment

In addition to the hundreds of hard copy manuals that we have in stock, when we find manufacturers data sheets and manuals on-line, we add them to our website. We make no attempt to verify if they are the the latest version and we recommend checking with the manufacturer for the updated versions. This information is for our client’s convenience and it is free to download.

ABA10C 10W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425 GHz
ABA10KU 10W KU-Band BUC 14-14.5 GHz
ABA12C 12W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425 GHz
ABA12CE 12W C-Band BUC 6.725-7.025 GHz
ABA12CP 12W C-Band BUC 6.365-6.725 GHz
ABA4KUL 4W KU-BAND BUC 13.75-14.25 GHz
ABA4KUXS 4W KU-BAND BUC 13.75-14.5 GHz
ABA5CS 5W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425 GHz
ABA8KU 8W KU-Band 14-14.5 GHz
ABA8KUL 8W KU-Band 13.75-14.25 GHz
ABA8KUX 8W KU-Band 13.75-14.5 GHz
ABC25KU 25W KU-Band 14-14.5 GHz
ABC25KUL 25W KU-Band 13.75-14.25 GHz
ABC25KUX 25W KU-Band 13.75-14.5 GHz
ABC40XC 40W C-Band BUC 5.875-7.2 GHz
ABD20C 20W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425 GHz
ABD20EC 20W C-Band BUC 6.75-7.025 GHz
ABD20PC 20W C-Band BUC 6.365-6.725 GHz
ABD20XC 20W C-Band BUC 5.875-7.2 GHz
ABD25KUX 25W KU-BAND BUC 13.75-14.5 GHz
ABD40C 40W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425 GHz
ABD40EC 40W C-Band BUC 6.75-7.025 GHz
ABD40PC 40W C-Band BUC 6.365-6.725 GHz
ABD40XC 40W C-Band BUC 5.875-7.2 GHz
ABE10FC 10W C-Band BUC 5.875-6.425 GHz
ABE10FXC 10W C-Band BUC 5.875-7.2 GHz
ABE10XC 10W C-Band BUC 5.875-7.2 GHz
ABE20XC 20W C-Band BUC 5.875-7.2 GHz
AL10025 KU-Band PLL LNB 10.95-11.70 GHz
AL10500 KU-Band DRO LNB 10.95-11.70 GHz
AL10X KU-Band LNB Ext. Ref 10.95-11.7 GHz
AL20025 KU-Band PLL LNB 11.70-12.20 GHz
AL20500 KU-Band DRO LNB 11.70-12.20-11.70 GHz
AL20X KU-Band LNB Ext. Ref 11.7-12.20 GHz
AL30025 KU-Band PLL LNB 12.25-12.75 GHz
AL30500 KU-Band DRO LNB 12.25-12.75 GHz
AL30X KU-Band LNB Ext. Ref 12.25-12.75 GHz
AL40X KU-Band LNB Ext. Ref 12.2-12.7 GHz
AL50005 C-Band PLL LNB +/- 5KHz 3.4-4.2GHz
Bias Tee