MCLI 8-Port KU-Band RF Splitter


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MCLI 8-Port KU-Band RF Splitter model PS8-121 takes an RF signal between the range of 11.7 to 12.75 Ghz normally from an LNA and distributes the signal into 8 paths.

All of the connectors on the splitter are SMA female.

MCLI 8-Port KU-Band RF Splitter

  1. We have other MCLI 8-Port KU-Band RF Splitters of the same type but with slightly different model numbers and characteristics.
    1. MCLI PS8-121 Frequency range 11.70-12.75 GHz
    2. MCLI PS8-28 Frequency range 11.70-12.2 GHz
    3. MCLI PS8-77 Frequency range 13.75-14.5 GHz

MCLI PS8-77 Datasheet

MCLI PS8-28 Datasheet