Xicom XTS-200C C-Band BUC



Xicom XTS-200C C-Band BUC

Xicom XTS-200C C-Band BUC is a 200 watt SSPA, or more accurately it should be classified as an SSPB because the L-Band front end is part of the amplifier.

We have several of these BUCs and can offer them as a fully redundant set or as a single unit.These amplifiers have a rugged outdoor enclosure designed by Xicom. This rugged design allows them to be mounted directly on to the antenna without having to run large amounts of waveguide.

We can provide full test reports on request. The download tab above has a sample test report.

Xicom_XTS-200C_C-Band_outdoor_SSPA -

The XTS-200C high power solid state power amplifier are compact, fully integrated antenna-mount units designed for low cost operation and longevity.

The XTS-200C BUC isĀ Intended for outdoor operation, the XTS-200C eliminate the need for a separate amplifier shelter. Also, the distance between the amplifier and the antenna feed horn can be shorter. This will eliminate the cost of long waveguide runs and the associated RF losses.

The price quoted on this listing is for a single SSPA, for a redundant package please contact sales@newerasystems.net


Xicom XTS-200C Datasheet

Xicom 16632 Test Results

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