Xicom XTRS-100 100W C-Band SSPA



Used XTRS-100 100W C-Band SSPA tested and guaranteed in good working condition.

Xicom XTRS-100C SSPA

100W C-Band SSPA, 5.85 to 6.425 GHz. 4RU high

Designed for fixed and mobile uplink applications, the XTRS-100C is a highly efficient rack-mountable solid state power amplifier. RF filters, isolators, cooling, and monitor and control (M&C) systems are all self-contained within the package. The amplifiers occupy only 4 rack unites of a standard 19 in rack cabinets. Nominal weight is 85 pounds.

Xicom XTRS-100  Features

  • • Built-in Redundancy Control
  • • Complete Digital M&C Interface
  • • Removable Power Supply

The unit features a menu driven front panel display, RS-232/422/485 serial port and Ethernet interfaces for complete computer control. The four line front panel display makes it easy to monitor forward power, reverse power and temperature. Gain control is provided via the front panel or through the remote interfaces.

XTRS-100C Spec Sheet


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