Wavestream 25W KU-Band BUC



Wavestream 25W KU-Band BUC is unused with a frequency range of 14 to 14.5 GHz.

This 25 Watt BUC only arrived a few days ago and we have just tested it, with the full test results posted in the download section. The short summary of the tests is that the amplifier performed well above its design power output – take a look at the test results

Wavestream 25W KU-Band BUC

These BUCs require 10 MHz reference to be supplied via the IFL cable and a separate 48VDC supplied via the enclosed cable. The price quoted is for the amplifier does not include the external 48VDC power supply. If you need a 48VDC power supply ask us for a quotation.

This is what Wavestream say about this series:-

Wavestream’s Ku-band Matchbox Block Upconverter (BUC) offers unmatched efficiency and performance suitable for mobile SATCOM, flyaway and VSAT systems.

The Ku-band Matchbox BUC incorporates Wavestream’s next generation Spatial Power Advantage™ technology to provide higher output power in smaller, lighter weight packages that are more reliable and use less energy.

The Ku-band Matchbox BUC is field proven to withstand the most extreme environments. Every unit is thoroughly tested to guarantee performance over the full frequency band and over the full temperature range.

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