Mitec 20W KU BUC

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Mitec 20W KU BUC

Mitec 20W KU BUC, model WPA 14014543-ES-0. Judging by appearance this BUC has never been used.

20W Mitec KU-Band BUC

Mitec BUC of this series require both AC power and 24VDC delivered via the IF cable. The Mitec series of high power BUCs are designed for use primarily in VSAT applications. Other frequency ranges are also available to customer specification. These units include an L-band up-converter powered by 24 VDC along with L-Band input and 10 MHz reference all in one cable. There is also a high power booster with AC or DC supply and a customizable Monitor and Control interface.

Mitec 20W KU BUC Key features

  • • Frequency range options available
  • • Can be provided with 10MHz and/or 24VDC option
  • • Redundancy option for 1:1 configuration available for all power levels
  • • RS485, RS232, RS422 or Analog M&C interface
  • • High thermal dissipation efficiency resulting in “Best in Class” Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)
  • • Summary alarm
  • • Over temperature shutdown
  • • RF power detection
  • • Mute control
  • • RF monitor

Mitec 20W KU BUC Specifications

L to KU Band BUC 8-200W L to C Band BUC 10-200W
Input Frequency range – IF 950 – 1450 MHz 950 – 1525 MHz
Output Frequency range – RF 14.0 – 14.5 GHz (13.75-14.25 GHz optional) 5.85 – 6.425 GHz (other options are available)
System Gain 70dB nominal
Gain Flatness over full band ± 1.0 dB nom.
Gain variation ± 2.5 dB over operating temperature range ± 1.5 dB over operating temperature range
Input/Output Return loss 18 dB min.
Spurious at rated power – 50 dBc max.
Third order IMD (2 equal tones 5 MHz apart) – 25 dBc max. @ 3 dB back off
SCL 6 dB back off from P1dB

Manual for 20W KU-Band Mitec BUC


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