EFData 20W C-band Transceiver BUC


Used C-Band Transceiver


EFData 20W C-band Transceiver with frequency range of 5845 ot 6425 Mhz. They are typical transceivers with 70 MHz input and 70 MHz output.

EFData 20W C-band Transceiver

As part of our testing we decided to take on of this EFData 20W C-band Transceiver apart to look within. During this inspect we found that it would be a simple conversion from Transceiver to C-Band BUC. 

Here is a copy of an email from Ken Smith our top engineer:

“You have nine EFData units they are not all tested yet, but I discovered that they can be used as BUC’s also. They are all C-Band units and are 70 mhz input and output and the frequency as transceivers is 5845 to 6425.

If I change these to L-band input instead of 70 Mhz input, the units will only go from 5925 to 6425 which is the normal C-Band range. The reason for this is the bandwidth of the iF that goes into the last oscillator before it becomes a C-Band signal.

What I do is put the RF frequency on the up Part to 6105.0 Mhz. This provides a oscillator frequency of 4975 Mhz which mixes with the L-Band frequency to provide the output of 5925 to 6425 Mhz.”

So there you have our secret, and if you have your own EFData transceiver you can do the same – or you can buy one from us for a modest fee,

This may be the heaviest 20 Watt C-Band BUC, but it could also be the cheapest.