Comtech EFData LPOD 200W C-Band BUC



Comtech EFData LPOD 200W C-Band BUC is a new 200 Watt C-Band BUC that has tested well above its designed output. We have included the full test results in the Downloads Section.

200W C-Band BUC

Amplifier manufacturers use two different ways to describe the output power of their products. Comtech call this amplifier a 200 watt, but other manufacturers might describe it as a 250 watt amplifier. The difference between the two is that the maximum power may be 250 watts, but that amount is not useable and when Comtech label it as 200 Watts P1dB it means that all two hundred watts can be used.

During our tests we found that this amplifier can be run at much higher than 200 watts and still not reach saturation.

That plastic bag that appears in some of the photographs, is not lunch, it contains connectors and some mounting hardware.

200W LPOD Datasheet

Full Test Report

LPOD 200W BUC Manual


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