Comtech CSAT-5060S-025 25W C-Band Transceiver



This is a 25W C-Band transceiver manufactured by Comtech EFData. This amplifier does not work and consequently should be only purchased for spare parts.

CSAT 5060 C-Band Transceiver

INTRODUCTION The CSAT-5060 C-Band Transceiver provides superior performance, long-term reliability, and ease of installation.

A very price competitive product, the CSAT-5060 embodies the best design efforts of Comtech EF Data’s highly experienced RF engineering team. APPLICATION The CSAT-5060 is the perfect choice for any VSAT point-to-point application, including: • TDMA • DAMA • SCPC/MCPC FULL RATED POWER

The CSAT-5060 delivers the full rated power, or more, measured at the 1 dB compression point and at the output flange. You will know the useable output power you are paying for, and can receive full value for your investment.

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