Miteq U-9956-6-1K KU-Band Upconverter 70MHz



Miteq U-9956-6-1K KU-Band Upconverter is one of the newer frequency converters from Miteq. It is a 1RU form factor and this particular model has an IF input frequency of 70 MHz.

We have several in stock, all tested and guaranteed in very good working condition.

Miteq U-9956-6-1K KU-Band Upconverter

I make no apology for using the same photographs that I used in the 140 MHz listing. I can’t tell which is 70 and which is 140 MHz until I plug them in.

The manufacturer states:-

The MITEQ frequency converters are designed for advanced satellite communication systems and are available for a wide variety of frequency plans. Phase noise, amplitude flatness and spurious outputs have been optimized to provide the user with a transparent frequency conversion for all video and data applications.
A strong feature set of monitor and control functions supports powerful local and remote control. Among the features are control of frequency, attenuation and 64 memory locations for each converter where various setups can be stored and recalled.
A continuously updated log of time-stamped records of activity is also provided.

Miteq U-9956 Operations Manual
Miteq U-9956 Datasheet

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