MCL MT3200 400W KU-Band TWTA


We have several used MCL 400W MT3200 KU TWTAs, ranging in quality from good to excellent. The output frequency range is 13.75 to 14.5 GHz.

Prices vary according to age, but in every case the amplifier is guaranteed to be in good working condition.

Other amplifiers of this class have a useage clock that allows us tell the number of hours of operation. MCL does not supply a clock with these amplifiers and so we base our assessment on the results of testing and recording the helix current of the tube and low output and at maximum output.

In the media tab we have included MCL 400W MT3200 test sheets from representative amplifiers. These are sample test sheets, actual test sheets will be compiled prior to the sale of an amplifier.


FEATURES: Field Replaceable Modules For Unsurpassed Serviceability Closed-Loop Forced Air Cooling Typical Phase Noise 12 dB Below IESS-308 Control Dial For Easy Set-Up And Adjustment.


Test Data SN 1341

MT3200 Test Results – Class A

MT3200 Test Results – Class B

MT3200 Test Results – Class C

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